About Us

Who We Are

We are engineers and contractors involved in the field of repairs and rehabilitation, interested in providing Pristine Protection. Our goal is simple, provide Quality with Honesty.

We are one of the first company to upgrade the surface preparation for paints by using WORLD’s #1 ONE Karchar Make high pressure jet washing machine with rotary nozzle in all our projects.


We are in the repair and rehabilitation business since 1991, we have come a long way to sustain, prove and enhance the local experience to new professional expertise.

We have diversified into new associates companies which deal mostly in critical underground and over ground waterproofing by injection methods and the services are found unparallel, reliable and results excellent. The customer base includes Dept of Atomic Energy, HCC Ltd, L&T Ltd, Naval base, Karwar. The Dam repair/grouting at Narayanapura Karnataka, one of the World Bank aided project has won the company the best injection grouted and waterproofed dam.


Our mission is to provide exceptional services by maintaining highest level of integrity ,professionalism and honesty with our customers.Our pledge is to establish an everlasting relationship with our customers by providing good work leading to customer satisfaction.


We have been the most trusted and technologically advanced contractors among all the compititors.we will be the contractor of choice for our customers.


Kasturi Narendranath Pai

A great leader is the one who adopts integrity and continuously growing.

Krishna Narendranath Pai

Be a learner till you are the leader ,Be a listener after you become a leader.